Automatic Self-cleaning Filter

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The automatic self cleaning filter Working principle

The automatic self cleaning filter is consisted of filter vessel, stainless steel filter screen, differential pressure switch, time-delay device and pneumatic drain valve. The liquid flows into vessel,filtered by the filter screen and flow out from outlet.So the impurities are intercepted in the filter screen. When the differential pressure reaches the pre-determined value, the filter automatically start the self-cleaning process and the impurities will go out from the drain valve.

Automatic Controlling

First,make the control system to automatic mode.

Second,when the pressure difference switch the reaches index value,the filter will start self-cleaning automatically and discharge.The time of cleaning and discharging are set by the control system.

Finally,when the time reaches to the index value, the filter will stop cleaning and continue the filtration process.

Manual Controlling

First,make the control system to manual mode.

Second, when you press the discharge button, the filter will start self-cleaning and discharge.

Finally, loosening the discharge button, the filter will stop cleaning and continue the filtration process.

Product Design Features

1.Suitable for the high flow rate, low-viscosity fluid filtration. The max capacity of a single system is up to 3500m3/h.

2.The filter has the ability of retrieving the instable flow rate and adjusting the time of cleaning without manual operation.

3.Filter screen is easy to be cleaned and it is not consumption part.

4.When the fitler is cleaning the filter screen, the inflow can keep working at the same time.

5.The time of cleaning process is so short that it will save raw material and power.It is very environmental.

6.Compact construct design,small floor area. Easy installation and moving flexiblly.

7.The filter has less wearing parts, no consumption parts and much lower operation and maintenance cost.

8. With extensive application filed,the filter could meet different requirements of various raw water.

9. with larger filtration area and little loss of pressure, more impurities can be filtered.

10. Every parameter can be adjusted according to the actual working condition.

self cleaning filter housing

Application range

◆ Recycling water in various industries, such as, steel factory, power station, chemical system, electronic, paper manufacture and so on.

◆ Resident water supply system

◆ Cooling water, condensed water and cooling tower recycling water system

◆ Central air conditioner system

◆ Heat exchanger system

◆ Air conditioner, heating, boiler heat recycling water system

◆ waste water treatment, sewage water treatment third filtration, reduce the cost of fine filtration process.

◆ Prefiltration and secondary filter for lubricating oil, scrub solution, chemical solvents and other suspending liquid.

◆ Other filtration application, especially suit for 24 hours working condition.

Model Max Flow(m3/h) Max pressure Design Temp Pipe Size Material

SAM-SBF200 80 150 psi 80℃ DN100 304/316

SAM-SBF300 150 150 psi 80℃ DN125 304/316

SAM-SBF400 250 150 psi 80℃ DN200 304/316

SAM-SBF500 350 150 psi 80℃ DN250 304/316

SAM-SBF600 700 150 psi 80℃ DN300 304/316

SAM-SBF700 1000 150 psi 80℃ DN350 304/316

SAM-SBF800 1500 150 psi 80℃ DN450 304/316

SAM-SBF1000 2500 150 psi 80℃ DN550 304/316

SAM-SBF20003500150 psi80℃DN650304/316

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