SAM FILTER Plastic Bag Filter Housing

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SAM plastic filter vessel 100% with PP (polypropylene ) filtration system,taking advantages of excellent PP material, can be used for filtering a lot of chemical sour soda liquids. It is really an economical and practical fine product, as it has no seam, no dead angle, accurate specification with high-quality, high capacity and efficiency.

●The inner-side is very smooth, no ditch, no dead angle, easy to wash.

●Patent anti-leakage technology guarantees that there is no side leakage or overflow.

●The handle on the cover helps to open the top cover and change materials.

●2"-4" FLANGE Inlet and Outlet;

●The bag has a grip respectively, very convenient to change, safe and clean.

●Working pressure can reach 7kg/cm2 (design pressure 15kg/cm2), operate temperature can be up to 43 ℃/ 110F (material able to bear 83 ℃).

●Please operate in accordance with the condition of standardizing , make sure not to exceed pressure limit or temperature limit.

SAM company has been specialized in manufacturing filtration equipment for 20 years. Our team has many years of experience in filter machine and elements manufacturing and R&D. If you are interested in our products, please ask us for a quote and we will bring you unexpected surprises.Contact:

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