SAM FILTER Automatic Self-cleaning Votex Filter:

Vortex water filter
By the advanced design, it can overcome the connatural disfigurement of the traditional back-wash self-cleaning ones, with its high efficiency and easy maintenance, working under multi-modes, moving flexibly and filtering all kinds of contaminated liquids:
---Water treatment( river, sea, lake), water supply and drainage, waste treatment;
---The pre-treatment of the exactitude filtration such like bag filter and cartridge;
---The filtration of the Acid and alkaline liquids, solvent, and kinds of chemicals;
---The viscous liquid filtration and eliminate the fibrous impurities;
---Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel;
---2"-8" Inlet and Outlet;
---The recycling use of the Coolants and rinsing liquid;
Model Max Flow(m3/h) Max pressure Max Temp Pipe Size Material
SAM-SVF200 62 150 psi 250F 2"-4" 304/316
SAM-SVF300 85 150 psi 250F 2"-4" 304/316
SAM-SVF450 178 150 psi 250F 4"-6" 304/316
SAM-SVF550 300 150 psi 250F 6"-8" 304/316
SAM-SVF650 720 150 psi 250F 6"-8" 304/316
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