Automatic High Viscosity Filter Strainer:

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Automatic High Viscosity Filter Strainer
Automatic High Viscosity Filter Strainer Design Features
1) With the design of V-shaped Knife-edge, the scrapers shovel and scrap the filter screen at the same time. Using the design of displacement cross to avoid forming the filter dead angles.
2) Since the high-viscosity materials are easy to be blocked by the filter screen, the filter system should be operated in low-speed to shovel and scrape the filter screen, so that the materials can be filtered smoothly.
3) The sewage ways can be set flexibly based on the viscosities of materials or requirements of process parameters.
a. Discharging sewage automatically according to different pressure;
b. Discharging sewage automatically according to different time;
c. Discharging sewage manually.
self cleaning filter housing
The main application of high viscosity fluid filtration media:
High viscosity filter system is applicable for the filtration of various high-viscosity materials (visicosity:100-3000cps).
Model Max Flow(m3/h) Max pressure Design Temp Pipe Size Material
SAM-HVF273 15 150 psi 80íŠ DN50 304/316
SAM-HVF350 30 150 psi 80íŠ DN80 304/316
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