Duplex Filter

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SAM Duplex-filter is a kind of multi-purpose filtering equipment which is composed of two bag filters in parallel. It has many advantages such as novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, strong flow capacity, simple operation, etc. It is a multi-purpose filtering equipment with wide application range and strong adaptability. In particular, the probability of filter bag leakage is small, the filtering accuracy can be accurately guaranteed, and the filter bag can be replaced quickly. There is basically no material consumption during filtering, which reduces the operating cost.未标题-3.jpg

·Good sealing effect, no side leakage

·Easy and quick replacement of filter bags, lower operating costs

·Reasonable structure, more stable and reliable filtration

·Adjustable installation and debugging to meet the space requirements of specific application occasions

·Strong flow capacity and easy operation


◆ Top-entry design eliminates space waste;

◆ Ensures 24-hour uninterrupted operation

◆ Various materials of sealing rings are available

◆ Adjustable height to meet different space requirements

SAM company has been specialized in manufacturing filtration equipment for 20 years. Our team has many years of experience in filter machine and elements manufacturing and R&D. If you are interested in our products, please ask us for a quote and we will bring you unexpected surprises.Contact: sales@sam-sh.com sales@sam-filter.com.

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