X100PP Plastic bag filter

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The plastic single bag filter is 100% made of PP (polypropylene). With the excellent chemical properties of PP material, the SAM plastic filter can meet the filtration applications of many chemical acid and alkali liquids. The one-time injection molded casing , no contact, no dead ends, precise specifications; it is an excellent product of high quality, high efficiency, economical and practical.

● One piece of cylinder is formed, no dead corners

● Without any Metal parts; Suitable for corrosive liquids

● Removable Flange connection as needed

● Filter bag size:05#



We have designed a new style of bag filter in same size but can hold more pressure. 

Welcome to ask for a quote. Inside filter bag




SAM company has been specialized in manufacturing filtration equipment for 20 years. Our team has many years of experience in filter machine and elements manufacturing and R&D. If you are interested in our products, please ask us for a quote and we will bring you unexpected surprises.Contact: sales@sam-sh.com sales@sam-filter.com.

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