What is Bag FIlter

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A bag filter, also known as a baghouse or fabric filter, is an air pollution control device used to remove particulates from industrial or commercial air emissions. It operates by filtering dust-laden air through a fabric filter, typically made of woven or felted material.

A liquid bag filter is a filtration system used to remove solid particles from liquids. It's commonly used in various industries to filter out contaminants, ensuring the liquid is clean for further use or discharge.

Key Components:

  1. Filter bags:  Made from various materials (such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon) to suit different applications and levels of filtration.

  2. Filter Housing: A container that holds the filter bag and directs the liquid flow through the bag. 

  3. Support Basket: A perforated metal basket that supports the filter bag inside the housing.

  4. Inlet and Outlet: Openings where the unfiltered liquid enters and the filtered liquid exits the housing. 

  5. Closure System: A mechanism (like a clamp or bolt) to securely seal the housing and prevent leaks.

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