Nylon Filter Bag Stainless Steel Filter Bag
PP/PE Filter Bag High efficiency Filter Bag
Oil absorbing Filter Bag Dust collector Filter Bag
Inside the bag filtration system,the filter bag is supported by an inside metal basket.The incoming fluid is to flow out after filtered by the bag,thus the impurity is intercepted in the filter bag.You can continue to use the filter system after changing the filter bag.It is a trend for the bag filter to replace partly the cartridge filter.The small filter bag can filter large amount of liquid.
The filter bag is key to filtering.
These felt filter bags have sewn construction and a glazed finish (except 51635K, which have no finish). Polyester felt bags are general-purpose media bags manufactured with a single layer of felt media. Heavy duty polyester felt bags filter heavy metallic particles and extremely viscous liquids such as tar without tearing. Interwoven polyester mesh provides extra strength to hold heavy particles.

Filter Bag Size & Micron

Filter Bag Size Trade Size Max Flow(gpm) Micron Craft
4"x8" 3 25 1,5,10,25,50,100,200 Sewn/Welded
4"x14" 4 50 1,5,10,25,50,100,200 Sewn/Welded
7"x17" 1 100 1,5,10,25,50,100,200 Sewn/Welded
7"x32" 2 220 1,5,10,25,50,100,200 Sewn/Welded
Micron Ratings¡ª Absolute-rated filter bags will retain at least 90% of particles of the specified micron size. All other bags will retain particles, but not to any percent efficiency. Often referred to as nominal rated. To achieve the desired filtration, select a bag with a micron size smaller than the particles you want to filter.
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