Dust Collector Filter Bag:

The filter bags are the key elements which determine the dust collecting efficiency and working temperature. Renewal of bags creates major cost in maintaining bag-house. so the lifetime of qualified bag can last from two years to six years under the condition of reasonable usage.
dust collector filter bag
Dust Collector Filter Bag
Because each dust catcher has its own characteristics and the system parameters so choose a suitable gas filter material must understand the following parameters:temperature, Humid degrees, Dust diameter, Gas Chemical Properties, Abrasive dust, dust catcher mechanical Solid.As cleaning manner,the condition of install ,ect.In general , SAM environmental¡¯s dust filter bag will be used industrial emissions,filter dust ,usefull dust , High-temperature gas dust and other dust filtration equipment..

Appropriate use of media, not only the need to consider filter chemical properties, also take into account the characteristics of dust.SAM can choose filter media by different physical and chemical methods of treatment according to the dust characteristics, To achieve the most effective filtration.
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