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Classification and application of automatic self cleaning filters

Classification and application of automatic self cleaning filters

Shanghai Sam Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of filter housings. SAM automatic self cleaning filters mainly include automatic backwash filters, automatic scraper filters, automatic self-cleaning filters, automatic swirl filters, and automatic candle filters. There are several categories of filters and fully automatic pipe filters.

Automatic self cleaning filters are mainly used in the following areas:

◆ Various industrial circulating water systems: such as steel, power station systems, chemical systems, electronics, food, papermaking, grain industry and other industrial water recycling

◆ Civil water supply system;

◆ Circulating systems such as cooling water, chilled water, and cooling towers;

◆ Central air-conditioning system;

◆ heat exchange system;

◆ Central heating and circulating water systems such as air conditioners, heating and boilers;

◆ Wastewater treatment: multi-stage treatment of sewage treatment plant, reducing the cost of fine filtration system;

◆ Rough and fine filtration of lubricating oil, washing liquid, chemical solvents and other similar suspensions;

◆ Other filtering needs, especially suitable for 24 hours non-stop working conditions.

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