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Syrup filters are designed according to the characteristics of filtration systems in the syrup industry

SCF syrup filter-scraper automatic self-cleaning filter

Structure and working principle: The hob type self-cleaning filter is composed of a cylinder body, a screen, a hob system, a pressure detection and industrial control computer system and an automatic sewage system. The filtering material medium enters the screen through the feed port, and impurities larger than the gap of the screen are trapped on the side of the filter surface of the screen. After the filter module runs for a certain period of time, the difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure reaches a preset value ( When the setting value can be empirical value or debugging value), the ABB-PLC controller automatically starts the reducer to drive the rotary hob to remove dirt on the filter screen. The control system can automatically calculate the hob according to the degree of retention of different materials and impurities. Work time and steering, then automatically open the sewage valve to discharge sewage, and automatically control the sewage discharge time. Such reciprocating work can maximize the reasonable and reasonable effect of removing impurities and self-cleaning and filtering, and minimize the wear on the filter screen.

Syrup filter--automatic scraper filter

Syrup filter design features

1) The new all-round hob design adds the direction (forward and reverse) of shovel, scraping, displacement compensation, spring compensation, cross scraper and scraper on the basis of the original scraper, which is more suitable for strip media such as fiber Filtering;

2) The angle formed by the hob system and the wedge-shaped mesh rotates to generate a shearing force, and the impurities of the filter are shredded and removed and discharged when the drain valve is opened;

3) Equipped with a 10 "color LCD touch screen, which can display the inlet and outlet pressure and pressure difference curve and the working status of the equipment under various operating conditions;

4) Using the principle of industrial process control, a fully automatic tracking adaptive system is designed to automatically control the working time of the hob system and the working time of the sewage system;

5) ABB-PLC control system is equipped with network card, which can realize remote observation and control;

6) Standard industrial process control DCS interface can be connected with centralized control;

7) USB interface can be connected with keyboard and mouse to adjust system parameters;

8) It can provide system over-voltage alarm, equipment fault and system fault self-diagnosis prompt function.

Syrup filter-Application range of automatic scraper filter series.

1) Industrial circulating water, circulating water, condensing water, cooling water of the iron and steel industry blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, etc .;

2) Raw water filtration: seawater desalination, river water, surface water, and pretreatment of incoming water;

3) Environmental protection project: pre-filters such as bag type, core type, UF, RO membrane;

4) Paper industry: raw water, white water filtration, protection nozzle;

5) Others: Cooling water, condensate of central air-conditioning system, petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, etc.

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