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Automatic Backwash Filter High Dirty Resistance For Squirt Water Treatment

Automatic Backwash Filter High Dirty Resistance For Squirt Water Treatment

Automatic back-flushing self-cleaning filter gets clogged quickly when filtering water of poor cleanness at rating down to 100μm, it frequently back-flushes for a long time and wastes lots of liquid. So that customer has to select the larger filter or open the filter to cleaning the screen manually or even select low filtration ratings.

Automatic Back washing filter strainer design features 

1)Suitable for the high-speed flow, low-viscosity fluid filtering. Handling capacity of a single system is up to 1600m3/h.

2)The smooth surface of the tube and the connections avoiding the dead angles, reduce pressure drop. The stainless steel wedge strainer can meet different application requirements.

3)During the backwash process, the cartridges are backwashed one-by-one.

4)The cartidge is backwashed in a safe and efficient state while other cartridges are not affected and the filtering continues.

5)The filter has less wearing parts, no consumptive materials and much lower operation and maintenance cost. 

6)The coloured LCD can display the pressure of inlet and outlet, the pressure differential curve and the running situations of all facility. 

7)Automatically control the time of backwash and set the differential pressure at the most reasonable value by optimal testing program.

8)The high sensitivity infrared correlation control can improve the rotation degree of backwashing arm by four times so that the time of backwash and quantity of water consumption are reduced greatly.

9)The industrial control computer with ethernet card can achieve remote observing and controlling.

10)The normal industrial process control DCS interface connect with the centralized control system.

11)USB interface can connect with external keyboard and mouse to set the parameters of system.

12)It has warning function for system overvoltage, facility fault and system fault self-diagnosis.


ModelMax Flow(m3/h)Max pressureDesign TempPipe SizeMaterial
SAM-BWF30080150 psi80℃DN100304/316
SAM-BWF400120150 psi80℃DN150304/316
SAM-BWF500200150 psi80℃DN200304/316
SAM-BWF600300150 psi80℃DN250304/316
SAM-BWF700500150 psi80℃DN300304/316
SAM-BWF800700150 psi80℃DN350304/316
SAM-BWF10001200150 psi80℃DN450304/316
SAM-BWF12001600150 psi80℃DN500304/316

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