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The characteristics and use recommended of the Plastic PVDF bag filter housing

Plastic PVDF bag filter material characteristics and use recommended

Product Features:

1. Enter the turtle back inlet, no effusion

2. The upper cover adopts the quick opening method. Easy to disassemble, 6 316 ring screws for better sealing performance

3. The bottom of the filter is designed with a slope, no residual liquid

4. Net basket, filter bag ring mouth are made of PPR material

5. One-piece molding mold, the barrel does not have any interface or weld. Smooth outer wall

6. Import and export flanges, national standard, American standard, can be changed

7. The sealing ring is made of fluoro rubber and has strong corrosion resistance.


Plastic filter housing product features:

First, PPR product characteristics (in place of rubber-lined products); working pressure 1.0Mpa, working temperature can withstand 100 ° C, suitable for general acid-base work (less than 36% hydrochloric acid, less than 90% sulfuric acid)

Second, PVDF product characteristics (instead of fluorine-lined products): working pressure 1Mpa, working temperature is greater than 150 ° C, suitable for strong acid-base work (concentrated hydrochloric acid greater than 36% concentration, concentrated sulfuric acid greater than 90% concentration)

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