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Bag Filter Housing include Single Bag Filter Housing and Multi Bag Filter Housing.

Bag Filter Housing include Single Bag Filter Housing and Multi Bag Filter Housing.

1. There are two main types of single bag filter housing: top-in and side-in. The characteristics and application of these two bag filter housings are described below.


SAM stainless steel bag filter housing (also known as: flat-cover side bag filter) uses a side-in and bottom-out method to press or draw the filtered liquid medium into the filter barrel through the pressure in the pipe. The medium is supported by a stainless steel plate to support the filtration of the filter bag supported by the filter blue, thereby producing an ideal solid-liquid separation to achieve the effect of filtering the liquid medium. Different filtration accuracy depends on the filter bag of different precision. 


SAM top-in-one bag filter, SAM bag filter system with patented ring structure SAM filter bag and related accessories.

· Good sealing effect and eliminate side leakage

· Effective filtration area and higher filtration efficiency

· It is more convenient and faster to replace the filter bag, and the operating cost is lower

· Reasonable structure, more stable and reliable filtration

· Adjustable installation and commissioning to meet specific application space requirements

· Humanized design, everything is just for you

2. There are three main types of multi-bag filters: boom-type multi-bag filter, rocker-type multi-bag filter and split multi-bag filter.


The SAM boom multi-bag filter is suitable for high flow liquid filtration. From 2 bags to 24 bags, the specifications are complete, the import and export diameter is 3-18", the maximum flow rate of single machine: 90-1080 cubic meters / hour. It can provide quick opening design, filter bag replacement is very convenient. It can also be used for longer use. When the filter bag is replaced after the time.

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