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Design features of fully automatic backwash filter housing

Design features of fully automatic backwash filter housing

1. The fully automatic backwashing filter adopts the patented internal mechanical structure to realize the high-pressure backwashing function in the true sense. It can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities trapped by the filter, and it has no dead angle, no attenuation of flux, and guarantees filtration. Efficiency and long service life.

2, automatic backwash filter uses 304, 316l stainless steel wedge filter, high strength, high precision, corrosion resistance, the highest filtration accuracy of up to 25 microns.

3. The automatic backwashing filter realizes automatic backwashing through its own retrieval and strain function, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

4. Fully automatic backwashing filter has less wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management.


5. The fully automatic backwashing filter runs accurately, and can flexibly adjust the backwashing pressure difference time and time setting value according to different water sources and filtration precision.

6. Fully automatic backwashing filter During the backwashing process, each (group) filter screen is backwashed in turn; ensure that the filter screen is safely and efficiently cleaned, while other filter screens are not affected and continue to filter.

7. The automatic backwashing filter adopts a pneumatic blowdown valve. The backwashing has a short duration, and the backwashing consumes less water, which is environmentally friendly and economical.

8. The structure of the fully automatic backwashing filter is compact and reasonable, the floor space is small, and the installation movement is flexible and convenient.

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