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What are the advantages of the bag filter housing ?

What are the advantages of the bag filter housing ?

The bag filter is a new type of filter system. The inside of the filter is supported by a plastic basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet. After the filter bag filters, the filter exits and the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. The filter bag can continue to be used.


The characteristics of the liquid bag filter system: compact structure, reasonable size, simple and convenient installation and operation, and small floor space. High filtration precision, suitable for fine particles or suspended solids, the filtration range can be from 0.5 to 200 microns. A liquid filter bag filter function is equivalent to more than 5 times the filter element, which can greatly reduce the cost; the design flow rate can meet the requirements of 1 to 500 cum / h, and the cost is low.

Bag filters are widely used for coarse, medium or fine filtration; they are less expensive to use than other filters when the same filtration effect is achieved, and filter-type filters and other equipment have lower investment costs and long service life. Long and low filtration costs.


The bag filter has high filtration precision, large filtration capacity, low cost and high efficiency. The liquid bag filter is no-clean, and the replacement of the liquid filter bag can be completed in 30 seconds, which is convenient, quick, labor-saving and time-saving.

The liquid bag filter is available in a variety of specifications, including low pressure, side entry, top entry, multi bag, and horizontal.

Single bag filters are: No. 1 machine, No. 2 machine, No. 3 machine, No. 4 machine, No. 5 machine. Multi-bag filters meet the filtration requirements of different flow rates. The bag filter material includes stainless steel SUS304, SUS316, and SUS316L.

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