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Features and Advantages of the Automatic Cleaning Filter

Features and Advantages of the Automatic Cleaning Filter


The hob type automatic cleaning filter is composed of a cylinder, a strainer, a hob system, a pressure detecting and industrial control computer system and an automatic sewage system. 

The filter material enters the filter through the feed port, and impurities larger than the filter gap are trapped on the filter surface side of the mesh. 

After the filter assembly is operated for a certain period of time, the difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure reaches a preset value ( When the set value can be the empirical value or the debug value), the industrial control computer automatically starts the reducer to drive the rotary hob to remove the dirt on the filter net. 

The control system can automatically calculate the work of the hob according to the degree of interception of different materials and impurities. Time and steering, then automatically open the drain valve drain and automatically control the drain time.

This reciprocating work maximizes the reasonable removal of impurities from the self-cleaning filtration effect and minimizes the wear on the filter screen.

Automatic self-cleaning filter features and advantages

1. Uninterrupted water supply: The amount of water during cleaning is very small, which is 5% of the water output of the filter. The flushing time is 2 to 15 seconds, and the whole system is continuously supplied with water.

2, high filtration accuracy: high filtration accuracy can reach 20 microns, a variety of precision filters for you to choose.

3. Large filtration area: The effective filtration area of the standard filter is 7 to 40 times the inlet area.

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