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Bag Filter Housing

  • Multi Bag Filter housing

Multi Bag Filter housing

  • Multi Bag Filter housing, 

    SAM FILTER is the Bag filter housing manufacturer in China. 

    From single to multi bag housing, the micron rate of bag filter housing 

    can be 0.3-1000um.

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Multi Bag Filter Housing

Eye Bolt Closure System - The user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high volume, multiple applications and processes : 

●The bag filter housing is designed with a proven swing eye-bolt or segment clamp closure mechanism; 

●Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation; 

●We can provide almost all kinds of multi-bag filters available, from double-bag type to 24-bag type, complete in specifications; 

●the flanges of the link outlet-inlet from 3"to18"; 

●the Max.flow of single unit are from 90 cubic m./h to 1,080 cubic m./h; 

●Available in carbon steel or Type 304 or 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance; 

●If you buy our multi-bag filters, you can wait for a long time to change the used bags;

Multi Bag Filter Housing SPEC TABLE:

ModelMax Flow(gpm)Max pressureMax TempPipe SizeMaterial
SAM-M2400150 psi250°F3-4"304/316
SAM-M3600150 psi250°F3-4"304/316
SAM-M4800150 psi250°F3-6"304/316
SAM-M51000150 psi250°F3-6"304/316
SAM-M61200150 psi250°F3-8"304/316
SAM-M71400150 psi250°F3-8"304/316
SAM-M81600150 psi250°F4-8"304/316
SAM-M102000150 psi250°F6-8"304/316
SAM-M122400150 psi250°F6-10"304/316
SAM-M142800150 psi250°F8-10"304/316
SAM-M163200150 psi250°F8-12"304/316
SAM-M183600150 psi250°F10-14"304/316
SAM-M204000150 psi250°F10-16"304/316
SAM-M224400150 psi250°F12-18"304/316
SAM-M244800150 psi250°F14-18"304/316

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